Green Onions

HOW TO ORDER:  Just send us an email woodsgardens@myidahomail.com with what you would like and where you'd like to pick it up - make sure you include your phone number - (no number - no delivery)  - woodsgardens@myidahomail.com or you can call Dave and order - (208) 201-4598

We are currently open from 10-7 Monday - Friday - Saturday's 9-4 and will be doing deliveries on Saturday - read entire contents to find out details on deliveries - but we would love it if you came out because we are open


Fresh picked asparagus - we've been picking it and it's been going out as quick as it's picked - only $2.50 lb.  Early bird gets the asparagus.

If you are going to place an order to be picked up on Saturday - it must be placed by 5:00 p.m. on Friday night - anything later than that won't be filled.

We sell complete irrigation systems using drip tape and saving you a lot of headache.  Just call Dave with your measurements - of your garden spot and he will get you set up with an irrigation system - you'll wish you had done it years ago.  The best thing for the irrigation is to call Dave a couple days ahead so he can get it cut before the wind picks up - nothing more frustrating than someone pulling in 10 minutes before we close and wanting 600 feet of drip tape and the wind is blowing 35 miles an hour.  It's a mess for us and you - taking home a tangled up pile of drip tape isn't that much fun either.  

Ok, enough rambling, Here's the scoop.   

We are taking precautions due to the Corona Virus, however, you will not see any X's on the floor of the produce stand because you know what always happend to Wile E. Coyote!

Woods Gardens fresh picked green onions - $1.00 bunch YUM 

We have different flavored cheese curds.  They come in 7 oz. packages - only $5.00 - Plain, Garlic Herb, Tomato Basil, Dill, Pepper Garlic and Hot and Spicy 

Halloumi (greek frying cheese) - $15.00 lb. in roughly 1/2 lb. bricks -this is the cheese of all cheeses in my opinion. (Currently out of stock)

Huckleberry Cheddar (we only heard back from one person - they liked it on a grilled cheese sand) - $15.00 lb. in roughly 1/2 lb. bricks.  (Currently out of stock)

Black Pepper Cheddar - $15.00 lb. in roughly 1/2 lb. bricks - we tried this on a burger and it's outstanding.  

Here's what else we have:.  

Almonds - 1 lb. bag $9.00 bag
Walnuts - 1 lb. bag - $8.50 bag
Pecan's - 1 lb. bag - $10.00 bag

  • Russet Burbank Potatoes - 30 cents lb. - $7.00 for a 25 lb. box, $12.00 for a 50 lb. box

  • Yukon Gold Potatoes - 30 cents lb. - $7.00 for a 25 lb. box,

  • Red Potatoes - 30 cents lb. - $7.00 for a 25 lb. box,

  • Whole Chickens - $2.15 lb. Antibiotic/Hormone Free

  • Dailey's Center Cut Thick Sliced Bacon -  $5.99 lb. - 15 lb. case - $85.00   

  • Falls Brand 2 lb. Salami Chubs - $7.99

  • Idaho Naked trout fillets - $9.00 lb. by the fillet or 5 lb. bag - $45.00 

  • Smoked Rainbow Trout fillets - $16.00 for a 1 lb. package 

  • Lisa's fabulous Jams - only $5.00 a jar

    • Thick RAW honey

    • Raspberry

    • Raspberry Jalapeno

    • Apricot

    • Apricot Jalapeno

    • Jalapeno butter

    • Cowboy candy (candied jalapenos)

    • Peach

    • Apple butter

    • Strawberry

SCRUBBIES - $3.00 - these are double scrubbies and are much better than the single ones - the single ones were good, but these are better. 

  • Chugwater Chili Mix - $4.00 

  • Willow balm - pain relieving lotion - $10.00 tube

Bedding Plants - Please call Dave if you want to know what kind we have - (208) 201-4598 - PLEASE DO NOT text him, he doesn't have time to text back - he has a headset in his ear and he can talk faster than he can type and when you talk to the phone to text back . . . you all know. . . auto correct sends the wrong message ALL THE TIME!!  Please call him!  Thanks

  • Tomatoes (3" pots of Goliath - these are the ones we sell as produce) - $2.00 each

  • Peppers (4 1/2" pots of Sweet Banana, Cayanne, Anaheim and a few bell type peppers) $3.00

  • Tasty Green Cucumbers - (3" pots) - $2.00

  • Summer Squash - 4 1/2" pots - $3.00

  • Winter Squash- 4 1/2" pots - $3.00

  • Watermelon- 4 1/2" pots - $3.00

  • Cantaloupe- 4 1/2" pots - $3.00

Water Soluble Rooting and Blooming Fertilizer 1 1/2 lb. size $12.00 each

Valley Wide Fertilizer with Humates - 50 lb. bag great for berries, fruit trees and gardens - $23.00

Onion Sets (bulbs) $2.50 lb.
    red - you don't need to buy an entire lb. there are probably 150 or more to a pound
Green Arrow Garden Pea seed - $3.40 lb.
Super Sweet corn seed - you don't have to buy an entire pound
     Kristine - 76 day Bicolor - 16 row per cob - $30.00 lb.
     Profit - 70 day bicolor - 14 row per cob - $30.00 lb.  
Blue Lake bush green bean seed - $4.50 lb
Detroit Dark Red Beet seed 1/4 oz. pkg. - $1.50

HOW TO ORDER:  Just send us an email with what you would like and where you'd like to pick it up - make sure you include your phone number - (no number - no delivery)  - woodsgardens@myidahomail.com or you can call Dave and order - (208) 201-4598

The reason we ask for your phone number is in case we have trouble getting there on time, we want to let you know so you can plan accordingly.  We won't sell your number, or put it on the bathroom wall or anything like that, once the delivery is done, your number is gone too. 

DELIVERY DETAILS:  Woods Gardens is making deliveries this Saturday at 8:55 a.m. at Valley Wide Coop in Rexburg, 9:30 a.m. at LOFT reception center in Rigby and at 10 a.m. in Idaho Falls - behind Kicks 66 on Broadway out behind the big semi trucks towards the UPS building.  When ordering please let us know where you want to pick up - you are always welcome to come to the farm and get your stuff.  Make sure you give your phone number or we can't fill your order. 

How the deliveries work:   We meet you at the designated time - (please be on time, as we have additional deliveries and if you are late - it messes everything up for the next drop off) you drive up - pop your trunk we tell you what you ordered, put it in your vehicle, take your $ and off you go - easy peasy - no one spends much time at all - limited exposure. 

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